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    Experienced clinical therapist with a passion for helping you create a healthier life

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    Amanda Glass, LCSW

    Licensed Clinical Therapist

    Feeling overly emotional? Anxious? Depressed? Or just overwhelmed? Together we can work towards understanding what may be holding you back from a present and future you truly desire and deserve. In order to successfully work with individuals, couples and groups around a wide range of concerns, I bring over 15 years of training and well-rounded expertise. I work from a psycho-dynamically informed perspective, utilizing various modalities including cognitive behavioral techniques, mindfulness and systems theory.


    I specialize in helping adults develop an understanding of what may be causing current limitations. I create a safe nonjudgmental environment in which clients move away from feeling stuck towards a more authentic self. This process addresses and eliminates self-defeating patterns.


    I am passionate about the process of change. Together we can shift any maladaptive patterns you may be struggling with to ones that will enhance your vitality and create a healthier life.

  • Counseling Focus

    My practice specializes in, but is not limited to, the following areas:

    Life Transitions

    Change and transitions are the most natural part of life, whether we are ready for them or not. As you approach one of these transitions, you may find yourself feeling overly anxious, stressed or fearful. Regardless of the nature of a transition, counseling can help you better understand some of the feelings you're experiencing as well as how to manage them in order to move forward through your transition.

    Communication Skills

    The way you communicate with others can often be at the root of various types of stress in your life. Feelings of being misunderstood creates a gap between people that can only be overcome when someone attempts a different style of communication in order to bridge a gap rather than continue to create distance by perpetuating the same misunderstandings. I work with you on acknowledging what your communication style is and exploring other mechanisms that might help you better connect with others.


    Many people experience anxiety when faced with situations or events that make them feel worried or uneasy. Causes of anxiety can vary from person to person and are often connected to difficult or stressful situations in either your professional or personal life. Through psychotherapy and counseling, we will work together to identify the sources of your anxiety and explore strategies for managing it.


    Although everyone has times when they feel down or sad, a person with depression finds that these feelings of sadness or hopelessness interfere with their daily life. Through counseling, you can get help assessing the severity of your depression and determine the best treatment to get you back on track in your daily life.


    Addiction can be characterized by chronic disorders for which a one-time or short-term treatment is not typically sufficient. Addition treatments tend to be long-term processes involving various types of interventions. Through psychotherapy and counseling, you will receive regularly occurring support through one of these interventions.


    Trauma can be the result of a distressing or disturbing experience in someone's life. Often, it may even be the case that a person is not aware that they have experienced trauma nor the degree of that trauma. Counseling help determine a therapeutic treatment to help you come to terms with and work through the emotions caused by trauma.

  • Services & Fees

    Services provided are flexible and may be modified based on client needs.

    Sessions can be tailored to individuals, couples or groups.

    Initial Assessment

    Your first appointment is for you to get a sense of whether you feel therapy is the right fit for your needs. This appointment will also allow me to assess the best way to aid you in reaching your goals and objectives.

    Short-Term Counseling

    Weekly appointments throughout a defined time period of time in which we will focus on identifying barriers to reaching your goals and how best to manage them. The short-term model allows you to identify barriers and then determine if you would like to continue working together on strategies for overcoming those barriers and building your best life.


    A long-term collaboration through weekly appointments where we will work together on finding ways to shift some of the patterns in your life that may be getting in the way of you living the life you want. Working together on your personal transition can enhance your vitality and create a healthier life.

    LCSW Supervisory Hours

    Provide clinical supervision for individuals accruing hours toward obtaining LCSW license.

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